ThaiVisa News: Man accused in Boko Haram abduction of Chibok girls arrested

Amnesty global also said that a number of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls were now killing for Boko Haram. She described them as being “brainwashed”. Faith, 16, said the fighters forced her to convert to Islam. Miriam claimed that some of the Chibok ...
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Iran nuclear talks extended; Iranians meet key obligation

VIENNA (AP) — Pushing past a Tuesday deadline, world powers and Iran extended negotiations for a comprehensive nuclear agreement by a week as the U.N. nuclear agency prepared to announce Tehran had met a key condition — significantly reducing ...
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Samsung battery breakthrough to double battery life - Tech by

There are some like Motorola with the DROID MAXX and DROID Turbo that have giant batteries packed into their small frames while others seek ways of optimizing their software in hopes of obtaining that dream.
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Widespread public support for farang woman denounced by Thai press

Chiang Mai:- Manager Online and some other Thai news websites cried foul and published a photo of a western woman in bikini bathing at the canal in the heart of Chiang Mai, saying she has acted improperly. However, instead of inciting online outrage ...
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